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Welcome to the server UFO2000

Why this game? Because it is a great TBS with unmatched today destructible. Location can be destroyed in all directions, including up and down. Because no official server for the game of today is left, it was decided to create a server that will allow the few players to find each other due to the promise of the timer. The player setting the timer promises informs other potential players time after which he will go to the game and wait for other players. Web Server component is being finalized, and eventually there will be an additional functional Battle statistics etc
To connect to the server in the game settings or enter our server ini file: ufosrv.minecraft-today.ru:2000 . When you first log on to the server via the game client will registration. Supported game version 0.9.1176

Download the game can by link: from official source ufo2000.sf.net or full version with integrated resources X-COM: from dropbox or from file exchanger

Statistics of the server

Total registered: 36 [ See all ]
Total bouts complited: 40 [ See all ]
The last player on the server was: 15.08.2023 21:29:36
Now the server players online: 0
List of players online (Online time):

Player: irregular
Defeats: 1
Draws: 0
Victory: 0
Score: 1484.0
Last time was online: 23.10.2022 19:40:08
Located on the server (minutes): 76

Timers promises to come into play:

Current server time: 17.07.2024 20:34:01

The game will start:
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